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BlackBerry 10 is here…

BlackBerry 10 is here…

Its February, and after a long wait, BlackBerry 10 is finally out there. A couple of analysts we spoke to believe “BB1O definitely has an advantage, if compared to other new platforms such as Windows Phone”. When compared to an open platform such as Android, it won’t have challenges such as fragmentation to the extent that developers working on Google’s , platform face. At the same time, it’s of course not as ‘closed’ in nature as Apple is. ┬╗Launched in April 2008-GitHub-the open source

Monetarily speaking, it’s cheapest to develop for Black- Berry. Yet, at the same time, BlackBerry developers earn more than 4 times what Apple developers earn. Scrolling down to the overall experience, or user interface per se, there has been a lot of squabbling between Apple and the Android camp. A couple of days ago, a court ruled specifically that Samsung tablets do not infringe Apple patents. After these technological skirmishes, Microsoft had refreshed the ecosytem with its fresh tiled interface in Windows Phone.

While all of that seemed unique enough, it left very little space for any new entrant to have room enough to ‘innovate’ with creative, functional or rather original an approach. For a while it felt each piece of innovation risked being the victim of IP claims and possible sabotage. Surprisingly, Research in Motion has mostly overcome all the above hurdles. It’s stripped off bloat, dead weight as an organisation, plugged holes, nearly written off Java for a POSIXcompliant RTOS called QNX that powers car dashboards in over 200 million automobiles across the club, factories as well as nuclear power plants. It’s not without reason that the Canadian company is banking so heavily on BlackBerry 10.

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