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3D printing is definitely the next big thing and offers limitless possibilities. Think about this: if you’re fond of sting action figures, then you can simply print one for yourself! Heck, you even print your Legosi ! But apart from being able to make awesome action figures and Legos, other more mature and practical purposes exist too. For instance, you can use it to print a part of an appliance that you may have broken while playing with your brand new action hero set. You can let your imagination soar and get as creative as you wish.

This 3D printer is called Bukito and caught our attention particularly because of its size. It has a build volume of 5 inches x 6 inches x 5 inches, and it weighs under 2Kgs, which makes it highly portable. It’s not so surprising then that this little wonder’s Kickstarter campaign has found a lot of backers and the developers have managed to raise more than double their goal amount of $54,000 While the campaign has ended, you can still order it from the website http://bit.ly/1138G0iy. The manufacturers already have other 3D printers in the market, and Bukito borrows some key features from their printers, including the aluminium frame and the metal extruder hot end. It uses standard filaments to print and supports materials li ke PLA, ABS, and nylon. The print resolution is 50 microns on the X/Y axis and 100 microns on the Z. This means that you shouldn’t expect it to spew out large objects, but you’ll still be able to achieve a lot. Apart from being portable, the makers claim that the Bukito will continue printing even when upside down or if you were to tilt it sideways.

Currently, there aren’t any 3D printers available in India, and you can become one of the few people to own them. However, it won’t come cheap: Bukito will cost you upwards of Rs 30,000, and if you want a pre-assembled one, then you will have to shell out close to Rs 50,000, apart from the shipping and handling. So you’ll need to have some really deep pockets to own this one. On the other hand, think of the Legos

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