Creative’s Airwave HD comes in two striking colours (red and black) and its body is a mix of matte and glossy finish. The plastic chassis is very sturdy, but isn’t put together very well. This pyramid- shaped speaker is made up of several different pieces that are glued together, but it doesn’t sit flush and large gaps are visible towards the edges. We shudder to think what would happen in case you accidentally drop it. It’s also a lot heavier than the older model, weighing in at almost a kilogram (980gm).

The main attraction of the Airwave HD is its ability to pair with multiple devices and stream audio via NEC and Bluetooth. The speaker lets you pair it to two Bluetooth stereo devices simultaneously, and it works on a turn-by-turn system. This means the second party cannot hijack your song if you’re playing something. The speaker also supports the AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote) and HFP (Handsfree) profiles.

The Airwave HD works with a Bluetooth device up to 10 metres while the NEC pairing works seamlessly with compatible devices. When streaming, the vocals are clearly audible and have a nice tone to them, but the mid-range and lower frequencies often tend to eat into one another and audio ends up sounding muffled. The quality improves slightly when you plug in the same device via auxiliary cable, though. The bass is better and the mid-range sounds more defined, but overall, we expected better. Creative has priced the Airwave HD at Rs 13,000, which we feel is too expensive for what’s on offer. We would give the Airwave HD a miss for its high price and mediocre sound quality.

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