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EAFT Destiny D90T tablet

EAFT Destiny D90T tablet

One of the striking design elements of the D9OT is that the rear panel looks surprisingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 800 and that isn’t a bad thing. The front of the device has a 9.7-inch IPS display which is fantastic to watch movies on. In fact it is great to read text as well along with impressive viewing angles. The 4:3 aspect ratio works well for browsing and reading but you loose screen real estate while watching videos. It runs on stock Android ICS 4.0.4.

The biggest downside to the tablet is the response of the touchscreen. It feels rough and lacks polish. Don’t expect to type documents or even enjoy a game like Dead Trigger on this device. We wish the experience of the touchscreen were better.

A whopping 8000mAh battery powers the tablet and this is where the tablet is a performer In the continuous video playback test, it lasted for a whopping nine hours leaving the competing budget tablets way behind.

A lot of budget tablets are plagued with laggy response when navigating especially if you load the home screen with lots of shortcuts and widgets. This device too is plagued with the lag, but it’s comparatively less. If it weren’t for the underwhelming touchscreen we would recommend this tablet hands down. It has a good display as well as speakers and some impressive power under the hood. It almost gives premium tablets a run for their money in terms of the benchmark scores.

If a 10-inch tablet is what you are looking for, then you could check out the Zync Z1000, Karbonn Smart Tab 10 or the Spice Stellar Pad before making your purchase decision.

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