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Portronics iLume projector

Portronics iLume projector

The iLume is fairly pocketable, considering Tit sits on the palm of your hand. Its build quality is very good. The black and silver colour combination looks good. There is no shortage of input options – Proprietary cables take care of the component input source, VGA port and HDMI. Can play back media off the USB port or the micro SD slot.

From a distance of around 3 feet from the wall, the projection size was around SO-inches. Overall quality was excellent, with vivid colour reproduction. Fast moving object running across the screen on a bright/white backdrop, elicits some motion j udder, but that isn’t visible on a dark-ish backdrop.

Content that is originally in High Definition formats (we tested with 720p and 1080p) looks brilliant. Among the portable projector category, this is the crispest video reproduction we have seen by far.

The iLume did fairly well even with ambient light trickling in. To double check, we switched on a 16W LED lamp in the room after sundown, and yet the viewing experience remained fairly acceptable. The iLume did not play back certain video containers off the USB port. Built-in speakers are not enough for movies.

We are fairly impressed with the iLume projector. Also check out the BenQ Joybee GP2 because it offers a built-in battery backup and an iPhone/iPod Touch dock for media playback as well.

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