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Trends of IFA 2013

Trends of IFA 2013

When the German Chancellor Angela Merkel inaugurates IFA (the International Consumer Electronics Fair) in Berlin early this month, the photos captured from mobile phones will be the sharpest you’ve ever seen. Why, you ask? Well, almost all of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world will be unveiling devices with some of the most powerful mobile cameras we’ve ever seen.

Nokia bags the gold when it comes to megapixels—the Lumia 1020 comes with a whopping 41-megapixel camera. Samsung also has on offer smartphone and digital camera hybrids, such as the Galaxy S4 Zoom

But the real cameras aren’t too far behind. DSLRs and pointand- shoots today are well-connected, and can easily export i mages and videos directly to a TV or PC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Early this year, we got a glimpse of the first prototype televisions to boast of 4K displays. Now, these 4K TVs will soon be available at sizes starting at 55 inches.

A lot more is going to be showcased at this year’s FA , but read on to find out what you should be paying attention to.

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