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Diamond & Jewellery Going Hi Tech

With many user friendly technologies promising to make business much more efficient, easy and accurate, the gem and jewellery industry is fast adapting to the changes as they embrace these new technologies and opportunities

Diamond and jewellery inventory control throughout the supply chain, including factories and sales offices, has traditionally been a fairly low tech affair. Manual processes and barcodes have been preferred to the use of high technology, which, to date have had difficulty meeting the demands of the diamond and jewellery industry. But recent technological developments are helping the industry become tech savvy. As customers begin to trust and rely on technology products, they are enjoying the operational and sales benefits of a new way of business.

One such technology is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) where the products of SpaceCode PLEXUS RFID are fast becoming popular in the industry as they provide compelling rationale and wide success for customers adopting the technology in both sales offices and factories:

Automated Visibility: With SpaceCode RFID automated identification and information about what, where, and when of all inventory and assets ensures instant and continuous stock visibility and sales opportunities

Continuous Track & Trace: Automated monitoring and scrutiny of stock movements and locations with SpaceCode RFID ensures full track and trace of items with pin point accuracy in and between sales centers, factories and offices enterprise wide.
Enhanced Productivity: Automated processes with SpaceCode RFID removes bottlenecks and ensure that organisations save enormous amounts of time in inventory processing and counting. Paper work and manual data entry are eliminated.

Optimised Inventory: SpaceCode RFID helps organisations know the status of what they have, and what they need through the instantaneous provision of information about enterprise stock that ensures correct decision making on inventory levels, mix and replenishment.

Personalised     Customer Service:
SpaceCode RFID helps organisations know, automatically in real time, anywhere in the world where its inventory is and what is available to respond to customers' requests and achieve utmost customer satisfaction.

Improved Employee Performance: SpaceCode RFID allows companies to assess employee productivity, and making improvements there to by automatically knowing and monitoring who did what, for how long, and when, with the inventory.

Comprehensive Business Analytics: SpaceCode RFID generated data provides a wealth of historical and current business data that is used to obtain business intelligence, perform business analytics, and make key business decisions ensuring organisation improve and gain competitive advantage.
The following product descriptions explain why SpaceCode PLEXUS products are becoming such an integral component of customers' operations.

PLEXUS Diamond Jewel SmartStation

The Diamond Jewel Smart Station helps staff finish their work quickly, efficiently, and accurately by counting, identifying, tracking and reading small quantities (up to 5) items placed in a defined orientation on the device in real time.

Key Features


PLEXUS Diamond Jewel Smart Board

The Diamond Jewel SmartBoard is an RFID desktop reader featuring outstanding 3-D reading capability for scanning large quantities of SpaceCode tagged items quickly, irrespective of orientation or proximity.

Key Features

•       Quick stock counting
•       Fast-tracks critical process pathways
•       Simple workflow integration
•       Easy to use PLEXUS


PLEXUS DiamondJewel SmartBox

Accessed via biometric parameters, the SmartBox is typically placed within a safe or vault, where it acts as an intelligent safe within a safe. The DiamondJewel SmartBox can only be opened by authorised personnel, and is perfectly suited for storing, monitoring and tracking high value inventory. Remote access allows managers to receive alerts, to check and validate from anywhere in the world that the contents of the safe are present, and who had accessed the device.

Key Features
•       Instant visibility of high value items
•       Continuous monitoring of expensive stock items
•       Secure storage of diamonds and jewellery inventory
•       Straight forward deployment
•       Remote connectivity
•       Comprehensive chain of custody and audit trail


PLEXUS Diamond Jewel SmartSAS

The DiamondJewel SmartSAS is a dual access RFID cabinet fitted with two doors —back and front — whereby the SAS is mounted in a physical partition or wall, and large quantities of goods can be moved between physically separated areas. Goods are placed in from one side by a biometrically authorised user, and then similarly removed from the other side by a biometrically authorised user, providing a technology-monitored handshake' as the goods are passed between physically separated users or areas. The system automatically alerts staff that goods are ready for collection and acknowledges the goods transfer.

Key Features


PLEXUS Diamond Jewel SmartDrawer

The SmartDrawer is a dual access two sided drawer that tracks the exchange of a small number of goods (10's or 100's) as they are handed from one person or department to the next. Goods can securely be transferred from person to person in an 'always-on digital handshake' that can validate transactions and user rights, scrutinize in real time how long items have been held by a person, where items exchanged hands and when this all took place.

Key Features


PLEXUS Diamond Jewel SmartCabinet

The DiamondJewel SmartCabinet securely manages and stores very large numbers of items (up to 10,000) placed in any orientation. The device can only be controlled by official users who are certified electronically via a secure access card or biometric fingerprint.

Key Features


There are clear and important reasons why SpaceCode is the premium RFID system selected by customers for the key strengths of the system:

Accuracy: SpaceCode is the only company to guarantee 100 per cent identification accuracy.

Product Portfolio: The breadth and depth and scalability of the SpaceCode product range meets and exceed each and every business need of customers

No User Constraints: With SpaceCode, no limits are placed on how the system must be used to ensure it works accurately - it simply works 100 per cent every time all the time. There are no constraints on where or how customers use the system even in very challenging RFID applications such as those in for diamonds and jewellery — example, where there is very large item populations, closely stacked and/or in random orientations, with or without metal and organic material, in a well defined read range, static or moving items, without manual intervention, with speed that is sufficient for the application.

These factors above, combined with SpaceCode's commitment to the industry, its extensive track record (including leading players in diamonds and jewellery, Fortune Top 20 companies in Healthcare, and so on), and their focus on local support in all the major markets, makes SpaceCode the RFID provider of choice in the diamond and jewellery industry.

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