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Long, long ago diamonds practically lay strewn on Namibian beaches. Coastal mining of diamonds by De Beers, the diamond mining company, recovered thousands of carats of diamonds, worth millions of dollars, in a single day. These diamond resources on the beaches have now dwindled and moved deeper into the ocean. Off the coast of Namibia today, a treasure hunt is on. Companies are engaged in the exploration and mining of diamonds from the sea-bed—A report by Aasha Gulrajani Swarup.

There is a treasure hunt for diamonds on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Namibia. It is estimated that about two to three billion carats of diamonds lie on the sea bed, off the Namibian and South African coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the largest single untapped resource in the world. The only challenge is to find the concentration of diamonds.

While Namibia accounts for about 90 per cent of the current marine diamonds production, a small portion comes from South Africa.

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