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Smart Art Jewellery

IIJS has continuously evolved as India's official platform for showcasing the nation's Jewellery manufacturing capabilities. Diamond World showcases glimpse of some of the jewellery that will be on display at the Show.

Valentine JewelleryThere cannot be a better tribute to Mother Nature. Smart Art Jewellery designs are inspired from and dedicated to the theme 'Harmony in Nature'. While the first design has 19.50 carat diamond and 28.12 carat of emerald, the second design has 1.5 carat diamond and pearls. The last but not the least, the third jewellery piece comes with 6.82 carat of diamonds and 10.75 ct of natural fancy golden yellow diamonds.

Dinal Diamond

The Cappuccino Collection by Dinal Diamonds was founded in 1971. The exotic and classic collection comprises a range of fine hand crafted Jewellery exclusively made with a combination of natural colored champagne diamonds blended creatively with precious stones and pearls in various finishing. The collection has three sub collections—Espresso Collection, Latte Collection & Irish Collection. While the Espresso Collection is a happy combination of Indian and Western influences, the Latte Collection is a traditional and a mix of exotic and classic bridal Jewellery that is handcrafted meticulously with a combination of champagne diamonds, precious gemstones and pearls. And the Irish Collection is high end fashion jewellery that features a cluster of cut diamonds to create a look of a solitaire and is also available in various shapes and designs.

Amore Jewels

There's magic at Amore's garden, where nature reigns supreme. The dangling earring, inspired by the nature and featuring petals paved with diamonds, takes nature to new heights. The jewellery is crafted in 18k white gold and the frame is outlined with brilliant round cut white diamonds and baguette diamonds. The second jewellery piece set with 0.70 carats of brilliant round cut white diamonds and 3.40 carats of baguette diamonds. The last jewellery piece can be a favourite, as it not only has a frame outlined with 4.25 carats baguette diamonds, it also has a socket in the centre to accommodate princess and round diamond, solitaire diamond or gemstone of your choice.

Dharmanandan Diamonds

It would be raining diamonds for those who go for the latest collection by Dharmanandan Diamonds. While the bracelet depicts a beautiful amalgamation of traditional and contemporary design, the pendant and the ring stand out as simple yet elegant jewellery pieces that can rightly be called timeless. The bracelet is studded with 481 diamonds of 3.51 carat, while the ring and pendant are 2.66 carat and 1.53 carat respectively.

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