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Apart from being synonymous to innovative and aesthetic designs, Romil is also known to be one of the few suppliers of international standard designs in India. With consistently crafting exquisite designs, they are ahead of the competition and are par excellence. Diamond World traces Romil Group journey of excellent craftsmanship.

Afirm commitment to quality and on-schedule deliveries, Romil dreamed to be the preferred brand for the jewellery segment. With a renewed zeal Romil desire to achieve excellence through innovation, imagination and ingenuity. It was the year 1973, when the Romil group laid the stones of foundation, with the passage of time, the Romil group has carved itself a niche in the world of classic and elegant diamond jewellery. In 1922, Himit Vora, managing director, Romil Group started a trading business in cut and polished diamonds. Working in the diamond trade he was inspired by the refined aesthetic designs in the international market and then gradually during the past 18 years, Romil has started manufacturing and designing exquisite jewellery bringing the classy sensibility in design to India.

The group is a fully independent family business since its inspection. HimitVora along with his two sons, Romil vora — director, Romil Impex Pvt Ltd and Jaymin Vora, director, Romil Jewellery has made it reach the pinnacle. They generated comfortable and conducive working environment with training, development and team building exercises for the employees. Himit Vora, MD always believed that, "I want a business I can pass on to future generations". Family businesses are commonplace in the jewellery industry, while history and experience bring many benefits, working with loved ones also mean dealing with a host of issues. However, Romil sets the best example for this. The success and development of the company is due to conscientious family values that are imbibed in the company culture. Over the years several corporate values have been amalgamated with family ethics. Creativity and innovation has always been encouraged right from designing to research and development.

Every great journey begins with a small step and the year 2002 marked an important new phase in the journey of Romil. With a main expertise in design, Romil entered the wholesale market in 2002 and in 2006 made a foray in to the retail market.

Of, course it was not always like that, When Romil started its jewellery manufacturing, it had a small team of designers. But with their far sighted approach, the management of Romil saw the winds of change blowing through the industry fairly early, and made appropriate course of set designers' team with great craftsmanship. Not only this, designers from Italy, Hong Kong and Bangkok were sourced to design jewellery of Romil.

Another milestone and an added advantage to Romil was introduction of micro-setting. Romil was one of the first companies to introduce the process of micro-setting in India. The micro-setting process is where diamonds are set in multiple rows over the surface of the jewellery under a stereoscopic microscope Jaymin Vora, proudly stated, "With the USPs like having a factory and micro-setting process for diamonds, great team of designers and manufacturing of jewellery— the remote of growth is in our hand". He further added, the strengths of Romil are ideal for it to be the preferred supplier of exquisite jewellery design and products. Optimal utilisation of technology with the artistic brilliance of designers provides Indian jewellers with most intricate and breath taking designer jewellery. The jewellery sector is dynamic with its tastes and preferences constantly changing, so constant evolution is required. Being a pioneer and to keep up that reputation Romil
believes in 'Evolution through Revolution'. It does not stop at just revolutionary thinking to win the battles of the mind but its use in business is necessary. This has resulted in Romil always being ahead of its competition and has gained a favourable reputation.

Developing the skills of your successors prior to expanding over the business is essential. It is vital to work in many aspects of the business and gain a wide experience. You have to earn the respect of those already in the business otherwise resentment could result, and Romil has enjoyed and enjoying instant success with sophisticated clientele due to their epicurean inspired jewellery designs. Romil has gained reputation of being a symbol of innovative and aesthetic designs. At Romil, the belief is that, "If a strategy isn't revolutionary then it's not strategic"

With the USPs like having a factory and micro-setting process for diamonds, great team of designers and manufacturing of jewellery— the remote of growth is in our hand. The strengths of Romil are ideal for it to be the preferred supplier of exquisite jewellery design and products.

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