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Keeping to its image of being one of the most reputed and trusted name when it comes to diamond grading, the Solitaire Gemological Laboratories (SGL) plans to expand operations to include valuation services and coloured gemstone grading. With this, the lab not only would expand its business, but also be more helpful to the industry.

The first international gemmological laboratory to specialise in certifying diamond studded jewellery in the United kingdom and to offer Mobile laboratory services all over the country for the same, Solitaire Gemological Laboratories (SGL), would now be expanding its operations to include valuation services and coloured gemstone grading at its London headquarters, shortly.

Following extensive training  and investment in the latest tools and equipment, coloured gemstone grading will now be offered as a service from SGL's Hatton Garden based laboratory in London. Alongside SGL's diamond grading activities, the company will now also specialise in the grading and certifying of coloured gemstones.

To complement these additional services, SGL will be launching an accredited valuation service providing up to the minute jewellery and gemstone valuations.

Trusted by jewellers and consumers alike, SGL Reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. With our commitment to high certification standards we serve the interests of the gems and jewellery industry and support gemmological research worldwide through our centres in London, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangalore,Chennai, Hyderabad, Thrissur, Coimbatore and Pune.

An SGL Certificate offers unmatched assurance of a diamond's quality and authenticity.

All SGL laboratories, as a part of the seamless network, use the same system, process, technology and methodology globally to provide top of the line service to the gems and jewellery industry. By combining innovative thinking, new technology, and values such as integrity and commitment, SGL has built gemmological laboratories equipped to meet the evolving challenges of the industry.

The company protects diamond retailers, manufacturers, traders and the end consumers, by providing them with the quality reports and professional services. Each stone at SGL is graded with thorough detail supported by the latest technology and vast gemological expertise of a qualified team. They help a buyer with information, knowledge and expertise to make an informed decision. As a wholesaler or a fine jewellery retailer, one can rest assured that SGL is the doorway to the best diamond grading and gemstone identification in the world.

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