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Outsourcing isn't entirely just about making The Job finished by Rcs India, But as well on cutting the price by 65% To 75% 
Rcs India empathizes the apprehensiveness that any customer would get when giving way the job for the 1st time and as well to establish trust. We provide free trial run of 8-10 hrs to our customers who are inducing the task finished for the initial time. This assists the customer to measure our potentialities, deriving interactive trust and shape long-run business connections prior to dedicating themselves to a contract

We have various methods of charging, to fulfill a customer’s demands and comforts

  • Our time based charge
    Adjust at several rates fitting in to experience and knowledge and the time invested by our Database directors. Few jobs we do are charged entirely on this ground.
  • Our Job based charge
    Determined upon a task basis in lump sum. The nature and quantum of Work is assured and servings are charged consequently.
  • Our Per Entry cost system
    deates service fee agreeing to the characters per entering in a specified field of the available information